One of the leading institutions worldwide

dedicated to advancing research on ancient Iranian society and culture 


Institute for the Study of Ancient Iranian Society and Culture

We fund and carry on research and public education on Ancient Iran

Welcome to ISAISC 

The Institute for the Study of Ancient Iranian 

Society and Culture (ISAISC) is one of the leading 

institutions worldwide dedicated to advancing 

research and public education on Iran in all areas 

of the arts, humanities and social sciences. 


Since 2016, ISAISC has supported academic 

excellence and understanding of Iran: funding 

projects, publishing vital research, organising 

conferences and public lectures, and re-training 

Iran’s scholars and cultural heritage professionals.



ISAISC’s entire back catalogue is available as freely

downloadable open access PDFs. ISAISC’s books focus

principally on the studies carried in past – notably at the

sites of Naqsh-e Rustam, Behistun and Gur-e Dokhtar.

We also publish occasional volumes on Iran’s history

and languages, as well as an annual report and


ISAISC’s journal ISAISC is an academic periodical,

founded in 2016, covering the history, art, archaeology,

religion, economic and social life of ancient Iran, from

the earliest times to about AD 750. It is currently

published by the Birdwood Press and is available upon



Our Teaching Team


Our teaching team is comprised of a handful of researchers

and subject specialists who are wholly dedicated to our

learners. Recruited for both their professional qualifications

and research qualities, they are our institute’s greatest

resource.Our teaching team is ably assisted by an equally

enthusiastic administrative and support team. With this

we ensure stability and consistency in the quality of work

we produce – factors vital in academic relationships

and successful learning.


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26 Willcock Street, Ardross 6153, Australia

(+61) 451073821

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