Avi Bachenheimer 

Avi Bachenheimer is a prominent archaeologist of the ancient Near East. He has written extensively on Near Eastern linguistics, history and archaeology, particularly the Achaemenid Persia. He has been awarded degrees in history and archaeology from the University of Western Australia and the University of Cambridge. Bachenheimer’s revision of Achaemenid historiography has had a significant impact in the field. His expertise in Achaemenid historiography and linguistics has attracted international academic collaborations with Iranian National Museum and UNESCO’s World Monuments Fund. Bachenheimer has taught at the Central Institute of Technology in Near Eastern languages from 2015-2018. He has authored multiple books on archaeology and history of the ancient Near East including “The Achaemenids and the Iconography of the Audience Scene”, “Old Persian: Dictionary, Glossary and Concordance”, “A Catharsis from the Mundane Historiography of the Achaemenid Empire” and “Gobekli Tepe: An Introduction to the World’s Oldest Temple”.

Research and Training Centre – ISAISC

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