Here we share all of the projects we have funded in the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, covering research, conferences, pilot projects, outreach activities and visiting scholarships.

Pilot Project Grants 

2018: Reza Aslani (University of Tehran): Assessing Palaeolithic Potential in Southern Iran

2017: Avi Bachenheimer (University of Western Australia): Project Vashna; Database of Iranian Archaeological Sites

2016: Ramin Pourahmad (University of Melbourne): Reflections on pre-Islamic mode of migration in Iran

2015: Mehmet Duval (Istanbul University): Tracing Complexities of Indo-European languages with respect to the Avestan  


Research Grants
  • Robert MacBride (National Museum of Australia): Songs of Desire and Heart: Traditional Rural Music of Lorestan  
  • Professor Douglas Wirde (University of Liverpool): Eastern Mesopotamian Prehistory Project
  • Dr Clair Hamilton (University of Glasgow): Ritual Practices of Late Palaeolithic Middle East
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