Our Aim

The learning strategy of the Institute is aimed at guiding students towards the levels of knowledge and skills acquisition for an evolving working life. Inherent in this approach is the essential attitudinal development for increasing motivation and for promoting self-management, critical analysis and problem solving in professional archaeology.

The Institute is providing education and training that is relevant and responsive to cultural and social needs both locally and nationally. It is designing and delivering a range of high-quality courses for full- time and part-time students with respect to archaeology and history of the ancient Near East – in particular, that of Iran. The courses aim to produce graduates who can meet the human resource requirements of leading-edge academic institutions worldwide.

The Institute’s courses are designed in such a way that they are made available to a wide range of students in a flexible way. Flexibility in the provision of courses includes co-operative education, field experience, modularisation and credit accumulation.


ISAISC provides the following courses: (2019)

Iranian Studies: Reflections on pre-history of the Iranian Plateau

Linguistic Studies: Old-Iranian languages and Old Persian

Ancient History: An evidence-based outlook towards the Achaemenid Empire

Ancient History: Pre-Islamic Iran of the Sassanid Era


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